Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rice Filled Hand Warmers

Recently, I taught myself how to use my sewing machine (that I've had for 10+ years...sad, I know). I'm so extremely excited about it though!

So, I went straight to Pinterest and started looking for fun, easy projects. I stumbled upon these cute little hand warmers and, after making them for everyone I know, I've mastered them! So, I thought I'd share!

They're so easy to make. All you need is:
*About 2 cups of uncooked, long grain rice
*2 fabric squares (4in x 4in)
*A sewing machine

1. Cut your fabric to any size you want.  I chose 4in x 4in.  This is a great size to stick in your pocket and perfect for the back of your neck if you have a headache.

2. Place right sides together (you know, the pretty sides) and sew along 3 edges.  Once you get to the 4th side, leave a hole about an inch long.
3. Now it's time to turn it right side out!  Just shove and pull until you get it all through the hole you left.
4. Using a funnel, start filling with rice.  Don't put too much in or it will be bulky and the rice won't be able to move around in there.
HINT: I like to spread my rice on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.  Then I add a couple drops of essential oil, mix it all up and spread back out.  When it's dry, then use it to fill your handwarmer.  Everytime you heat it up, it will smell wonderful!

5. After you fill it, hand sew the 1inch opening and you're done!  I like to tie them together with a ribbon if I'm giving as a gift.  Sorry about this picture quality.  I forgot to take a picture before I gave them away so I had to ask them to send me one!  Oops!
To heat, just put in the microwave for 15-25 seconds (or until they reach the temperature you want).  I like to also keep a couple in the freezer.  They are great for headaches!  If you do them in a fun print, they also make great "boo-boo" packs!
These were the first ones I made!  I was (and still am) so proud of these little guys!!   Please let me know how yours turn out!  If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email and ask.  I'm NO professional, but I'll be happy to try to help you out! 
Good luck and happy sewing!

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